Saturday, October 10, 2009

Flame and Glass

Is there anything better on a crisp autumn day (actually evening/night) than havine a nice, warm studio and a high-firing kiln? I don't think so. Having my DH on the road for a few days has allowed me to branch my evening activities out to include my studio work. It's a delight to have fired the basic enamel coats on my copper so that I can cover them with silver and gold foil tonight and start placing the cloissonae wires. I really want to do this project over the next day or so. If I work on it for the day on Sunday, it will probably be complete. But I really want to get outside on Sunday, plus I have to try and fix my mailbox.
The Post Office, in its' infinite wisdom (NOT) has decided that my mailbox must be stabilized or replaced by next week or they will stop delivering mail. The mailbox is just fine, just angled because of snow from the last major spring storm. I looked into a new mailbox, but they are SO ugly. I found one style that I liked that didn't cost an absolute fortune, but DH would also have to approve it before I ordered it. I am appalled at how much money mailboxes cost, but I'll take a sledgehammer to the post on Sunday and see it I can straighten the post out and tighten the screws and bolts. Then I may treat myself to a Sunday drive afterwards. So, enameling Sunday night will be the plan and the pieces won't be finished until mid-week. Have a great weekend - draw something to express your feelings about the upcoming season - (that would be winter for us in the north and summer for my friends in the south - LOL).

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