Monday, October 12, 2009

Snow - in October?

We have had early snows before. And we've even had serious blizzards in October - local people still talk about the Halloween storm of the 80's. But I really don't like snow when my DH is out of town. Usually he is the shoveler for my home and my fix-it house while I take care of the shop. Given that today we'll get snow of 1"-3" during the day, I'll end up having to shovel at all three places and I'm NOT looking forward to it. But, it has to be done so that's that. Winter Wonderland and all that chum.
I had a very productive Sunday. Didn't get as much done as I wanted, but did get out and purchased four shirts on sale and got my friend Iris her next beta chapter. I decided on which images I'll be doing in enamel this week. I'll start on the wirework tonite. I found my pliers (buried on my computer desk ) and I'm ready to bend some wire. Then the only question will be whether or not I can lay my colors in super low bands of color to maximize my ability to make color blends in this really short cloisonnae wire that I bought from Linda Darty. I usually use a higher wire, but I bought two packages from her and I want to give this a try. So, it will be an experiment on something that really means a lot to me - those are the things that usually work out the best for me though :-)
So, on this snowy wintery autumn day....what are you doing to put color into your world? I am doing enamel work. Are you taking out your paints, your beads, your glassworking torch? Make something colorful today!

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