Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tuesday - Creativity Sinkhole

What is it about grey skies and drippy weather than dampens my creativity? I know wonderful artists and creative people in the Northwest US who aren't affected by this type of weather. At least, if they are, it spurs their creativity on. But me? No. My creativity flourishes under blue skies and wonderful sunshine because I am a child of the open skies of the Southwestern US. And even though I live in the cloudier skies of Minnesota now, I still do better under sun. Have you noticed that weather affects your personal creativity? Or are there some types of projects that you seem to do better under some types of weather or some seasons of the year?
I keep dreaming of the day when I'll be retired and can work in my studio on snow days and rainy days and never have to poke my head into the great wet outdoors unless I want to. Unfortunately, I don't have the money or current ability to indulge in this type of behavior, so it's "Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, It's Off to Work I Go" - blech!!!! I would much rather be working on any creative project instead of packaging and labelling new beads for my shop. Then again - new beads....pretty shiny things....they have their own magic to pull me out of the grey sky doldrums.

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