Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Damsels in "Da Dress"

We're supposed to have sun or partly cloudy weather for the next four days. My store roof is leaking - badly. The landlord said that he needed at least four hours of sun to effect a fix. He'll get his chance, so he'd better get it fixed. It was absolutely NO FUN pulling my overstock on the top of the main shelf off and finding other homes for wet, soaked boxes of merchandise. I only hope that nothing was ruined, but I sure got a lot of crappy water on my blouse and skin. NOT FUN!
But on a better note, in the days of sun and frolic (over Labor Day weekend, to be exact), the three damsels gathered on the Fest grounds to celebrate friendship. The pirate in red and black is my BFF Sharon. We've been friends since the early 1970's - and yes, that's a long time. The jester in purple is my friend Chickie, who works with me and has been a friend for 16 years. And in the middle is me - overweight, but happy. With this picture, I am celebrating the end of summer while my fall and winter stretch ahead of me. Guess I'll have to focus on the wonderful things that I can make during this time, even though I will be on 6-day shifts for most of the remainder of the year. What are you going to make through the end of the year? Holiday gifts? Better get going on those!

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