Monday, October 5, 2009

Fare Thee Well for Another Year

Renaissance Festival in Minnesota ended yesterday. Although it was cold, slightly rainy, and did I mention cold?, we were there from gate opening through closing ceremonies. I had on the warmest outfit I own with a wool throw and my old cape (not a wool cape, so not as warm as the cape I am currently making). It was truly wonderful - lots of fire, tears, singing, hugging, etc. These are a lot of friends that I see weekly and many of whom I won't see again for another year. My season tickets for 2010 have already been purchased though, and I'm looking forward to next year's Fest already. My DH has decided that he wants both a long a short cape, one in a basalt grey and the other in a dark green. I purchased dark green last week on sale, so I just need to keep my eyes open for dark grey. He also wants a rectangular style - easier to make, but less elegant. But then, he is a dwarf, not an elf, so the lack of elegance is not as big a deal. In any case, I might defrost from my day in the cold by mid-week.
And since my DH is leaving on Wednesday for a well-deserved vacation, I'll be working harder while he is gone. I have a silver ring to remake on a custom repair order, and I have my own work to do also. I might just spend most of Sunday working at the silver bench - a luxury that I haven't had for a long time. I also want to get going on the cloissonae closures for my cape that I've designed and continue on my embroidery. Lots of crafty things to keep me plenty busy while he's out of town.
On a sports note, the Minnesota Twins have brought their playoff berth hopes down to a final game which will be held on Tuesday here, at home. They have won 18 of their past 20 games to get them into this position. GO TWINS!

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