Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tuesday Blahs...

Many people wake up on Monday with the blahs - that lack of desire to get out of bed, get dressed, go to work and interact with others on the roadways and in the offices/shops, etc of their daily existence. Mondays usually don't bother me too much, but Tuesdays are much harder. On Tuesdays I am already planning my Wednesdays - what I want to accomplish, when I can get to my crafting work, what exactly I want to try and do.... But Tuesday gets in the way because I have to get through the day to get to Wednesday. I really have to start giving Tuesday it's own positive strokes or it will start to develop a complex - LOL. So....Tuesday positives include Sesame Chicken for dinner and NCIS on the TV tonight. If I can get through the day, I will have a good night :-)
While I'm working on the enamel for my cloak clasps, I also need to pull my thoughts a bit farther down that road and design the setting in my head before I actually get to the point of putting the silver around the enamel work. I know I want to bezel set them in a framework, but I'm trying to figure out the actual back attachment so that I don't pull the cloak fabric too badly and so that the fabric has appropriate support for the closure. I'll probably have to iron in some supporting interfacing to strengthen the wool, and maybe have the disks attached by more than one point to spread the specific strain on the fabric. I'm working on the physics of it. Then I'll try some mock-ups before I actually design and make the framework. I have time - the enamel work may take me into December to finish. Enjoy planning your own projects today - even a trip to the grocer can be a creative experience, just look at the colors of the produce or the forms of the customers in a distance. Have fun!

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