Friday, October 16, 2009


Everything is snowballing together now. I finally finished the basic wirework last night at 10pm. I was hoping to get things transferred to the silver discs, but it was too late and since the disks are domed, it's turning out a little trickier to get the wires easily transferred. I have an idea about that, though and I still have my large dapper here so I can dome the wires. I'll try an experiment tonight......BUT.....
DH is due in today. He phoned me late last night from Nebraska and I estimate he'll be back in town by 5pm tonight or so. He'll want to get the car unpacked, things moved into the store, and depending on how tired he is, he may start working on getting things checked in. We'll be working our tails off for the next couple of weeks. So, after I get the wired domed and applied to the disks, then I need to fire them into the glass and I'm still hoping to have the time and ability to do that tonight so that I can start setting colors.
I'm also worried about some of the VERY small areas that I have set up. There are some really small spaces in Telperion that need color, and the fruits of Laurelin that need gold. Getting those colored properly with the glass will be my next challenge after getting my wires set properly. So...what are you going to accomplish this weekend? I'm going to work with glass and go to the rock show, as well as work - hard - for Friday and Saturday. Too much to do!!! What fun!!!

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