Thursday, October 15, 2009

Bending & Twisting

(Picture by Stewart Williams)

The wires are progressing well. Telperion is finished and ready to apply to the metal surface and Laurelin is 1/3 finished. I got a LOT done last night. Tonight I'll try and finish up the wire work and apply them to the disks. I really want to get them fused on tonight so that I can start the color work tomorrow.
DH is on his way home. He was in Santa Fe last night and will leave for home early this morning. I expect him to pull in sometime tomorrow. It's going to be wonderful to have him back home - at least for a few days. Although I'm sure that we'll fall back into bad habits and types of behavior because those are the ruts that we have worked into our road over many years.
It is hard to pull out of the ruts and start into new territory. Sometimes getting out of the ruts can actually be dangerous, sometimes it is just a comfort factor. The creative mind pushes against the ruts, always wanting to see what is over the horizon or across the fence. Don't allow your ruts to get so deep that you cannot escape. Push to the top and then into untrodden or seldom trodden lane to get a new perspective. That perspective can help keep your art fresh and your creative spirit soaring.

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