Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Laying Wires - Tick Tock

I'm working on a fairly detailed cloissonae project which requires a lot of very futzy wire work. I actually brought my jumpring mandrels home to assist me with the variety of curves I needed to make, and I have to admit that it helped. Because the imagery is The Two Trees (yes, it is a Tolkienesque reference for those who don't know - LOL), there are lots of branches and assorted other items that need to be put onto these glass pieces. When finished, I will set them in silver and they will become the cloak fasteners on my new cloak. I am crossing my toes (because I can't work with my fingers if they are crossed) that I can finish the wirework, apply it to the actual disks, and get the wires fired in before DH returns on Saturday. I expect that he'll try everything he can to arrive before the shop closes on Saturday because he wants to go to the rock show on Sunday. (Aren't these two pictures just wonderful? I don't have the artist on the top one, but the bottom one is by Roger Garland.)

I'm looking forward to going to the rock show on Sunday. The Minnesota Mineral Club puts on an annual show and sale in October and it's one of the highlights of my month. There is equipment and finished stone, and also slabs and rocks to cut and shape. I've picked up some wonderful slabs in the past. If you are local and are interested in stone, you might want to consider going to the show. Here's the information that they have on their website.

The 2009 Annual Club Show will take place on Saturday and Sunday, October 17 and 18 at the Cottage Grove Armory. (The Armory is located at 8180 Beldon Avenue. Take the Grange Blvd exit on Highway 61 and follow the signs!) The admission fee is $2 for adults, $1 for children or $5 for a family. (The admission fees cover the cost to rent the facility.)

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