Saturday, October 24, 2009

Saturday...what will the day hold?

It's always a question, when the day starts new like a new piece of paper in a sketchpad, what will be on that page at the end of the day when your head hits the pillow. In too many cases the page is filled with half-formed thoughts or actions, with little angers directed at things that you cannot change (can you say "Road Rage"?) or with regrets for what actions you should have taken that passed you by. Why not start today's blank page with a positive reaffirmance (is this even a word?) that you will make a positive difference in someone's life today; that you will bring a smile to a person, crack a joke with a child, or pet a dog. This small action can then spread from that person, child or pet to affect others in a positive way. And wouldn't it be wonderful if this small ripple of kindness could become as large as the movement of the very oceans themselves?
The oceans are too large for our focus. Indeed, your neighborhood pond or fountain is also too large for one person's focus. But a person can create a positive ripple one-by-one and those ripples can merge. When they have merged they can indeed influence the fountain, or the pond, or even, when enough people are acting in a positive manner, the ocean.
How would you give positive influence to others through your art? Why not think about it. Although statement art and "in your face" art has its' place, art that makes people smile and feel good will tend to be cherished and, perhaps if we are very good at our craft, passed down to the next generation(s) to continue the positive influence. Create positives today!

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