Monday, October 26, 2009

Beginning Again

A new week begins today. According to the calendar on my wall, it actually began yesterday. But I always think that my weeks begin on Monday. In fact, I think that most people consider Monday to be the beginning of their week. So...why do calendars present Sundays as the first day on each linear row? Just one of the odd things that can sometimes clog up my thought processes :-)

Yesterday was a calm and fun day. We had breakfast at McDonald's (my DH loves Mickey-D's breakfast, and I can handle an Egg McMuffin and a Yogurt Parfait), then headed over to the shop for a couple of hours of working with wire. We had received a large shipment of heavy-gague brass and nickle wire that needed to be re-packed into one-pound coils. It took us three hours, but we got most of it done. Then we went to Dick Blick's Art Supplies. I had a simply lovely coupon for double discount plus 20% off, and I needed a new Size 0 watercolor brush. I also picked up a few other things to play with. I still had slightly over $25 left on my Verizon rebate card, so I used that and had to also put in $5 of my own money. Not bad - I certainly got my best from the rebates I got for the new phones I purchased in September. The night was spent on the computer reading fan-fic and editing a chapter for Iris. All in all, it was a wonderful and relaxing Sunday. Now to get back to creative production for the week, after all - my Wednesday is coming quickly!

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