Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Blood from a Turnip

It's always interesting to be living the life of a starving artist. Especially interesting is when I need to pay the bills. I checked my account balance this morning, since my DH hasn't been able to give me the monthly check for household expenses yet. I'm in deep crap! I think I'll be able to pay most of the bills, but things are most definitely dicey. And I'm NOT very happy that I have no household check yet. So, even though I have this great house and heat and a car with gas, I'm getting ever closer to being a true starving artist and having payment issues . I sure hope my DH can get his act together soon.
And we keep talking about retirement (don't you just love this golden nest egg?). I want to get out of Dodge - in other words, I want to close the shop, get a part-time mundane job, and work on my craft for the remainder of my life. This is what would make me very happy. My DH, on the other hand, is desperately afraid of retirement, of monies available, of health issues, and what he will do with his time. He wants to provide for me, but I think he already has and that we'll be OK. All movements in life require an act of faith. I have faith that I have been granted some skills and a point of view so that I can produce fun things that people may want to own. He doesn't. Is my faith better than his? No - not really. But it is MY faith, and I know that I only have a limited span of time on this earth and I would like to enjoy the time that I have left. Eventually I will prevail and we'll retire - it's just a question of how soon my water can wear away his stone :-) I'm VERY persistent - LOL, but water wears stone away very slowly so it may still be a few years!

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