Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Destruction and Construction

Today is my studio day. I have Laurelin ready to grind down a bit so that I can deepen some colors, and I have Telperion ready to fill in and put into the kiln. So at least I'll be warm today. I have a sketch perched in my head - did a quick run-through on scrap paper at the shop on Monday but I'd like to transfer it to my actual sketchpad. And I need to renew my car's license and get the oil changed. I didn't get a chance to phone Eileen and see if she had any boxes for me, so I'll drop by her shop today and see what might be available. I picked up a small pry bar from Harbor Freight on Sunday and I'll use that on the boxes I got from Eileen earlier this summer and see if they will work for enamel or not. The price is certainly right, even though the boxes that I love are more finished and have greater possibilities.

I need to do an inventory of my Japanese leaded enamels today. There are some rather essential colors that I don't have, so I'll phone Coral at Seattle Enamelworks later today and get an order going. I could order from Houston, but Coral is great and I like giving her the business.

And I finally got my household check so that I can pay the bills. I'll have to start out with that because the end of the month is only a few days away and I don't want my payments to be too late. It frustrates me no end that I have to remind DH several times for the check each month. It's not like things change - we need to get the bills paid by the end of the month every month and I ask him for the check around the same time every month. It's such a "duh" thing. I hope all of you have a productive day - I'm certainly planning on having one for myself!

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