Thursday, October 29, 2009

Can I Have A Do-Over?

I had such a good time on my day off. Can I have another one? LOL I feel a bit like Oliver Twist asking for another portion of food. Of course I can't have another day off (at least until next week), but at least I had a great time for this one.
I went and bought boxes. I have a local source for some great boxes and even though they didn't have the particular brand that I truly need, they had some others that had possibilities. For as inexpensive as they are, it was well worth taking a chance. I'll see how they clean up and start designing some enamel projects for them.
My enamel session went really well. I got my current leaded enamels into my data base, so I now know what colors I own. I ordered some colors that I needed and drilled down a layer on Laurelin so that I can darken my tree and change my sky somewhat. Then I started Telperion and that turned out really well - gentle coats of very pale colors against the grey/white tree and silver fruits. I'm really liking it. But, I can't go back to it until next week.
I read a lot of chapters of a new author that I've been following, and caught up on some paperwork. I knocked apart one box that I had bought for just the top and bottom parts and I think they will work very well, and I assembled a frame for my thread embroidery pieces. Unfortunately the frame isn't quite the right size. I'll see if I can trade it for the next size down if I can find my receipt. I can cut the mat down without any problem for the smaller size and it will look just fine.

So what are you going to do today? I hope to get a couple of quick projects into my sketchbook, pay bills, design a bracelet around some stones that my DH gave to me last week, and actually work my day. Oh well, busy is good - isn't it?

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