Friday, October 30, 2009

Climate Differences

I'm so glad that I'm no longer living in Denver. They got pounded by snow yesterday - the most snow for an October day in a decade. It looked very cold, very white, and very much something that I didn't want to drive through. Even though I'm a lot further north than Colorado, I probably won't have snow sticking until November/December - sometimes not even until Christmas. It is rare for us to have a brown Christmas, but we usually don't get heavy snow until the last part of the year. October is too early. That doesn't mean it doesn't happen - the Halloween blizzard of the 80's is historic and I remember it well. But I also remember trick-or-treat in Denver while I was growing up. Many of the times it was cold, but snow was very rare. And those few times when the weather was really warm were really fun - we stayed out really late and got LOTS of candy.
We've stocked up on the candy here, even though I usually get less than 10 "kids". I say "kids" because the "kids" that I usually get are college students from the nearby college. They are usually quite fun though, so I don't mind spreading the calories between my own body and younger ones with better metabolism. In fact, it would make me very happy if I had to give away all of our candy. At any rate, it would be healthier for both my DH and me.
Since Halloween is tomorrow, I'm wondering what your ideal costume would be. Not the one that you can actually manage to cobble together; but what would it be if you could make/have anything? I'd probably start at about 50 pounds lighter and six inches taller. Obviously THAT isn't going to happen - LOL. But, it is imagination, after all. So take out your pencils/pens/charcoal, etc., and draw your ideal costume. Your creative challenge for the day!

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