Thursday, October 1, 2009


Welcome to October. It's hard to believe that the summer we all looked forward to has gone by so fast. I have one final weekend at Renaissance Faire and then it's finished for another year. Yesterday was the final day for a fantastic fabric sale at my favorite local store, so I dropped by there and picked up wool for two additional cloaks. A lovely olive green for me and a black for DH. I'm planning for these to be unlined, so they'll go together quickly. He wants embroidery on his - something Celtic - so that will be a nice project down the tubes here.

I spent yesterday working on getting a personal website up and running. If you are interested, I invite you to take a look at my very bare bones website (it will be updated and the appropriate bells and whistles will happen as I can) at . I am extremely honored to be the featured artist on my YahooGroups Metal Clay board and I had promised that I would have my personal website operational in time. I was surprised and amazed when I was asked to be the featured artist, and I am totally humbled by the idea that anyone would be that interested in my small amount of artwork. All I can do is tell people that I would produce a LOT more if I didn't have to work at the shop so many hours each week! So - make up for my shortcomings and create something wonderful today to celebrate the first day of October!

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