Friday, October 2, 2009


It's annoying when jealousy rears its' ugly head. There is nothing attractive or positive about jealousy. Yet many of us spend our lives looking at things and envying aspects of them. Today I was jealous of Angela's wonderful work.
Angela is a terrific artist who lives in France and has a view on her art that I would never have. The paths that her brain takes are far different from my own. She works big and bold while I mouse into details. She incorporates a lot of different materials into her work where I pretty much stick to metal and glass in its' varieties of form. She deals with the sinuous, I stick with the planes and straight geometry. But I look at her work and love it. And I wish I had the time to be able to create my own body of work instead of running a store for most of my life. That's the jealous part and no - it's not attractive.
I should know better than to be jealous. I have a fabulous life that I'm grateful for every day. I've been blessed in so many ways and I do have some time to create - just not as much as I would like. My life has been generally placid and untouched by serious illness or sorrow (for the past few years). I've been fortunate. But I'm still jealous. I guess I really need to work on getting that out of my system and love where I'm at in my own life. But while I'm doing that, I invite you to take a look at her jewelry. Really wonderful things.

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Angela said...

Hey, Sandy!
Lovely to discover your blog! Boy, I didn't know I aroused that sort of feeling ;o) The beauty of it all is that we're all unique, expressing our own inner view and wonder in our own special ways, each and every one of us. Your work is lovely and you run a successful business, is that cool or what ?!
I also take the opportunity to congratulate you on being Artist Of The Month for the Metal Clay Gallery Yahoo group! Very cool indeed and just goes to prove your own expression is as unique as you !

Thanks and keep doing what you're doing, it's a success !