Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Welcome to Autumn

Autumn is currently arriving. Historically, it is the favored season for several reasons. Primarily among those reasons is that the crops are ready for harvest and food availability is at a high for the only time in the annual cycle. This was the time of year when harvest feasts occurred and people worked very hard to bring in the crops and put aside what would be needed for the upcoming starvation times of winter and spring. If the harvests were not good, or if insufficient was put aside, people would die of starvation. We've had an exceptional year of wonderful weather here in the Upper Midwest, so I expect that our harvest will also be exceptional.
Autumn is a time of color. Celebrate the rich colors that nature provides by making some time to look carefully at how the light can intensify color. When I drive to Ren Faire in the early mornings, the early morning sun shining over the meadows and fields of autumn color is absolutely masterful. The paintbrush of creation. Don't believe in a deity? You don't have to - you just have to be amazed that such a wonderful pallette of colors and textures have been put in front of you for your amazement.
Here's a goal for your week. Make, sculpt, paint, draw or otherwise create something in a physical form that describes your autumnal joy. Allow that joy to pass through you into your paper, clay, tools, needles, or torches. Close your ears to the negatives and celebrate the fruition of the positives. Celebrate Fall in your creativity.

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