Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Studio Day - NOT

Well, Chickie had surgery on Monday, so that means that Jim and I get to work a full week this week. It's hard on all of us (and certainly Chickie didn't sound spritely and bright when I spoke with her last night either). Today would normally be a studio day for me. I have to get my website up and running by October 1st because I promised a friend that I would have it by that date. Basically, that means that next Wednesday, the last day of September, will be spent working on my personal website. It's good when my friends kick me into action. Otherwise I could so easily see myself just working on my projects, designing my next projects, and planning on how things will fit together.
I didn't get much embroidery done on my cloak last night, but that's OK. Things will be finished when they are finished and this is not a project with an absolute deadline. Jim will be leaving for his trip in early October and I have hopes of getting some things accomplished while he's out of town. Now I'm just hoping that our weather will hold since my cloak won't be finished until next year's Ren Festival. Here's hoping that your plans all fall into place today :-)

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