Monday, September 21, 2009

Chocolate and Romance

Sunday (actually the whole weekend) was Chocolate and Romance weekend at Ren Faire. That means that they put on one of their most popular events - "Men in Tights". An opportunity for men to "strut their stuff" in very tight hosiery, and for an audience of mostly women to cheer, yell, scream, throw money (donated to the American Cancer Society) and otherwise make fools of themselves. I try to never miss it :-)
DH and I got seats on the main aisle just three rows back from the stage. Good seats, centrally located. The usual assortment of male contestants were there ranging in ages and "nobility" status. But the real winner was His Royal Highness, King Henry. He's really a cutie. After coming onstage twice (at the verbally-loud request of the audience), he was declared the full winner. He, however, passed on the honor since he was not an "official" entrant. As he left, he stopped by my row, took my hand and kissed the back of it! I was in heaven and the lady sitting to DH's right almost broke his rib she was poking him in the rib so much while the King was stopped at my row. Lucky me! Oh yeah....very lucky me! Like I said....he's a hottie :-))) (The two pictures are from a year or two ago, but his appearance is still similar.)

But the best thing about the contest was that the winner (after the King bowed out) was a peasant, with the runner up being Prince Albert. It's always fun when a peasant can out-do one of the royal family. Over the entire weekend, they managed to gather more than $600 for their cancer society donation and that's great too. Only two more weekends to go and then we'll be finished for another year.

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