Saturday, September 19, 2009

Aftermath and Shyness

The surgery went well. I brought a book on watercolor techniques as well as my current volume of History of Middle Earth and my sketchbook and pencils. I had a four-hour (or so) wait in the waiting room, so I got the book read and the current HoME finished and really wanted to draw, but I was too shy to get the sketchbook and pencils pulled.

After I got my DH settled, I went back to the shop and opened for the rest of the afternoon. I mentioned to Chickie that I was too shy to open my sketchbook and draw while I was at the hospital and she couldn't quite figure out why since only practicing will improve my technique and any child would be happy to sit with pencils and paper and draw. She's right. I need to find the courage and self-confidence of my inner child again before I will be comfortable drawing in public, but I need to find that soon because I want to work on my sketching techniques and that's not going to happen if I'm a creative coward. challenge to you and to myself is to put on the blinders and work on your art with the joy and lack of self-consciousness of a child. I have a feeling it will be harder to do that than to spell it, but I'm going to try very hard to allow myself the joy of creating.

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