Monday, September 28, 2009


This will be a week of events and changes. My DH goes to see his Doctor for a surgery follow-up today. There are a lot of things that aren't going as well as he had thought, although he is not known as a patient man. I think things will improve over time and that it has been barely more than a week since the surgery. I guess I have a longer-term aspect to my thoughts :-) I also am the featured member of the month for the Upper Midwest Bead Society's newsletter and I am being incredibly honored by being chosen as the artist of the month for the Metalclay yahoogroup (which necessitates my coming up with a biography and a personal website ). I'm still rather amazed that I was asked to allow this - I work in metal clay, I enjoy it as a media. But I'm such an across-the-board jeweler and artist. Maybe my cross-venue art can help to inspire someone else though, and then it will be well worth the exposure.
I've been waiting for word from Lark Books about two different submissions that I have pending. I'm at the point of crossing my fingers because I should hear by the end of the month. I may have to break down and actually contact them directly - something that I usually would never do. I am fully aware that I may not get positive responses from them, but sometimes the rejections can be as good a learning experience as the acceptances.

As we enter Autumn, take a look around you with eyes open. Enjoy the fall colors - the warmth of topaz, the sun inside olivine and the scarlet reds of sumac and the setting sun. These are the colors that will allow us to live through the color-drained season of winter which is still to come. Live happily today and share smiles - they cost you nothing and enrich everyone.

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