Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tuesday - A Continuation

So, I ask you - the faceless reader, the other side of me - did you do your best to pass through positive thoughts and actions yesterday? Did you go through your day dancing from the joy of spending another day interacting with others or with your art? Did you do at least one really nice thing for someone? If you did - great! Fantastic! Let's do it again :-) If you didn't - why the heck didn't you? Whether you are being nice to yourself or to someone else, or allowing some joy to come through your work, these are positive ripples in the world. Right now the world is on the edge, and positive thoughts and actions are all that are keeping us around. So, work on the positive today!
I love music. I have always been disappointed that I have not kept up with my music, but my days shifted to the visual arts instead of the auditory. But I love music. And when my art is working well, I am usually humming or singing softly (or loudly if I am alone in my studio). I think that music also can come through your work because music is the foundation of the universe - the vibration that inhabits all things is music. So, if you are rippling through life in a positive way with music in the background....are you dancing? Why not!? Make your art dance today to celebrate another day on this Earth.

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