Saturday, September 26, 2009


Happy day - it's Saturday. It's pasta for dinner, one hour less to work, and a day off tomorrow day. It's a few hours to work on whatever tonite day. It's a day ripe with possibilities day.
Everyone will be experiencing today in their own way. The way that you decide to spend your day will influence the days of those who interact with your path. If you are creating something of beauty or allowing the beauty of your soul to shine through, you will create a positive influence that will spread through others like the ripples in a pond. So I urge you to gently and positively create something today - a meal, a chapter in a novel, a poem, a watercolor, a sculpture, a piece of jewelry, a smile. All of these items of creation are valid and can help the harmony of the universe resound to the original sound of purity and creation.
But what if you have a bad day? What if you get cut off in traffic and lose your temper. What if you are accosted, reviled, harmed, imprisoned, etc? What if everything bad that could happen to you happens today? Although negative actions can also spread like ripples, they can stop short if they are not amplified by passing through you. You don't need to forgive the nerd who cut you off in traffic, but why lose your temper? Maybe it would be better to draw him out later in your sketchbook and later color him in vivid hot colors? If you can avoid losing your temper and passing the negative rings further on, you will have allowed the rings to stop. Then you can change their direction by making a positive contribution later in the day. Visualize this as placing daisies into the muzzles of their guns. We did this during anti-war protests in the 60's, and it works on a mental level today. So....create positive ripples today.

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