Monday, September 14, 2009

Stress Filled Week Ahead

I really work hard at keeping my equilibrium and allowing things to slide off me rather than affect my daily viewpoint. It doesn't make a lot of sense to worry about things in advance of the appropriate time to worry about them. It also doesn't make a lot of sense to stress about things because my body doesn't react well to stress. So I try to stay mellow and concentrate on my art and projects when I do stress to pull the stress out. But this week will be a hard one. My DH is having ear surgery on Friday, and Wednesday is our 30th wedding anniversary. Both of these are stressful - the anniversary because it usually is a day that my DH spends regretting (nothing like regret for the past 30 years to make a person feel really wanted and cherished ) and of course surgery is always stressful.

I hope that the surgery will be beneficial. His hearing is getting worse and worse and he develops ear infections which also are a serious problem. The past two ear infections led to some major surgeries and the doctor is hoping that this smaller one will nip this current infection in the bud and keep us from requiring the more major surgery. Either way, it still will be painful and will require me to have the shop closed to the public on Friday while I am at the hospital with him. So my Assistant Manager will do inventory and packing and will answer the phone on Friday, but our doors will be locked. I have had signs posted for a week, and I hope that people will not be too disappointed, but sometimes we have no choices.

I don't think I'll be brave enough to bring my watercolors with me to the surgery waiting room, but a sketchbook would probably be OK. I think my cloak might be too bulky, and they don't have Wi-Fi for my laptop (or at least they didn't the last time I needed to accompany my DH to the Day Surgery clinic. But I have a few days to work out my logistics for how I want to spend a few free hours :-)

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