Saturday, September 12, 2009

Redux and Redux

I've been working on the embroidery for my cloak. I didn't like one of the ribbons that I was using because it was too stiff, so my DH and I visited the fabric store on Thursday night to get other ribbons. I got some great ribbon and a new pair of fabric shears. We then progressed to the art supply store where he bought each of us an art board and a watercolor tablet. We're looking forward to playing with a new media since neither of us are very experienced with water colors.
So on Friday night I removed the stiff grossgrain ribbon from my embroidery and replaced it with the softer ribbon. I also started the roses which are the defining element. I love the roses and the scrollwork, I'm still very lukewarm about the accent elements and may pull the softer ribbon out of there also, leaving the one element that I like. It's trial by error at this point, but it's starting to come together as I work this section. I'm almost ready to swing onto the next two elements and I'm liking how it's coming together. It'll be stunning and very visual. I promise pictures when I have it all finished.
So do you have projects that you only like 60% instead of 90%-100%? Why not pull a couple of those less successful projects out from the back of the shelf and look at them with new eyes. What parts would you change? What would you add, what would you subtract? Look at some of the jewelry that others are wearing in magazines or in the stores. What would you keep or change about these designs? We learn to broaden our own art because of our own life experiences, so add more fodder to your experiences and try to fine-tune your design sense.

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