Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Today is my 30th wedding anniversary. Sometimes thinking about spending that span of time with a single person is occasion for me to celebrate, other times to mourn, and still other times for me to wonder why I am so lazy that I have remained in the same relationship for such a long period - "crazy I am" :-) On good days I'm delighted with my life, on bad days I wonder why I am still here instead of in a place of my own trying to make my living by producing my art. But above all else, I am practical. I am here because in most instances my DH balances me very well. When my balloon gets too high, he's the person to shoot the arrow into it to bring me back to earth. But when he is delving into the caverns of dirt and rock, I can grab him, attach wings, and encourage him to fly with the wind. And isn't that what we all need in life? A partner who will compliment you and fill in those places in your own character where you are missing parts?

I have repairs on my agenda today, and some minor shopping. I'm pretty broke today - not a lot of spare cash since I paid off my credit card yesterday. So I'll try and watch my money carefully today and only get what I need. What I do need is to get my voice-mail set up on my new phone, so I'll get that taken care of too. Maybe I can spend some time drawing or continuing the embroidery on my cloak. I'd like that. And, of course, it is the usual laundry, etc. Oh...and the fabric store has a nice 40% off sale going on. DH and I found some wonderful brocade that would do really well for a new corset for Ren Faire for me, so I need to check my quantity requirements and drop by and get that also. 40% off is nothing to sneeze at!

Tell someone that you love them today. Hug a child or a puppy, stroke a cat, nibble an earlobe. Make someone's world slightly more special today, and if you can make a small something for them, that will make their day even more unique and the Spirits of Art will smile upon you.

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