Thursday, September 17, 2009

Stress and De-Stess

Everyone handles stress differently, and in these economic times, everyone is experiencing stress. I handle stress by diving into my crafts and art, playing with my Super Poke Pets, and working with on-line friends. My DH harumps around the house, discusses possible monetary solutions that we've already discussed 100's of times before, and generally makes himself an unpleasant person to spend time with. Although he's been making an effort to be bright, shiny and happy for me, the fact that we are having a tough time at the shop, added to the fact that he will have surgery tomorrow (probably no post tomorrow, depending on what time his surgery gets scheduled for) have placed his mood into the toilet. As you can guess, my anniversary was pretty much a "not" happening. It's the story of most of my joint celebrations with him, so it was not a surprise.

I also didn't get as much done yesterday as I wanted. But I did pick up two magazines at Barnes & Noble (looked through a wonderful book on children's book illustrating but decided against spending the money). Then I went to the fabric store and got a wonderful brocade with lining and cord embellishment for my new bodice, and I went to Best Buy for my best bargain of the day - a micro SD card for my phone which was free with Reward Certificates I had earned earlier in the year. I did spend money on groceries though, and didn't even get everything that I wanted .

(This is not my exact fabric, but it's close. Pretty, isn't it?)

Today I'll start out with a repair. I told the guy that it would be ready for him by last week and he's leaving town on Sunday, so I'd better get going. I spent most of yesterday afternoon editing a talk that my cousin will be giving about her Dad and Mom's experiences in Nazi Germany. It was pretty good, but there were a lot of small corrections that needed to be made so it took me several hours to edit. My cloak sat on the manniquin, mocking me . Hopefully I can get some work going on it tonight. And "Survivor Samoa" begins tonite, so all is not lost - LOL!

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