Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Yippee, Skippee....Studio Day

Is there any magic wand that I can wave to increase the hours in my day? It's my studio day, and I really need to get some studio stuff done. But I have to clean house (visitors coming over next weekend and the house, especially the den, looks like a tornado hit it), do at least three loads of laundry (no clean clothes left at all - eeeeeek!) and get my hood attached to my cape so that I can draw on the embroidery designs and start work on those. My pictures need to be sent to Holly, I need to purchase tickets for Sharon and I to see the Titanic exhibit when she visits next month, and I have a project perching in my brain that at least needs to make it to my sketchbook. I have to start out at the shop, of course. Get things turned on and grab any items that I need to take to my goldsmith. I also need to hit a ring at the torch that I need to repair - she's moving to a different city and needs this one quickly. It's not a big repair, so I'll do it very quickly this morning so that I can phone her tomorrow for pick-up. And, of course, I also need to pet my pets on SuperPokePets - LOL. Oh....and the office supply store for some needed supplies and Target to return two dresses that just didn't look good off the hanger and on my body. I'm sure there's more that I forgot.
So, in between all of those items, I need to find some time to create. It's not that I don't think about designs and projects all the time - it's getting things from head to paper to trial piece to real thing. I do have to admit that taking Alan Revere's design class at MCWC was worth every penny of the entire trip. Although I usually would think designs through in my head, I would often skip the next two steps, opting instead to go directly to the clay or the metal. Working things out in trial first is a saving factor (and rather fun too). It lets me see whether or not I really like the item when it is made before breaking out the more expensive materials. So thanks, Alan. You've helped my projects a lot! And now to get going on my overly-busy day....

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