Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Clothes and the Mundane

Today is Tuesday. But I can hardly wait until Wednesday. I'm almost out of clean clothes because I didn't get my day off last week. My laundry hamper is full and my closet, although not empty, is actually almost empty of clothes that are comfortable to wear. Just one more day of scrounging clothing and then I can be extremely busy for my "studio" and "housecleaning" day. I have the possibility of company coming for dinner on Sunday, and I wouldn't let them see my house in the current condition, but I also have a serious need to do some design work for some deadline pieces and I have to get some sewing done. I'm already stressing out over what I need to get done for my studio day, and it doesn't even happen until tomorrow!
I also have to make sure that I get to Target. I have two items to return to the store and I need the credit applied to my account. (And they really don't do me a lot of good sitting in a bag on my computer room floor.)

Well, enough of the mundane, and on to the sacred. I'm trying to think of items in the sacred realm for another competition. I think I may have thought of an unusual twist this morning - time to think things through a bit more during the day. The problem - we've been busy at the shop. Of course, that's really not a problem, it's actually a really good thing! But it does make comtemplation much harder. I just have to concentrate - LOL. Have a creative day!

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