Monday, August 3, 2009

Project Dreams

Maybe I'm unique in this, but I doubt it. I'm trying to figure out some projects for a competition with a year-end deadline. The projects need to deal with the sacred and specific media is called for. I've been turning projects over and over in my head, but coming up empty. Last night, in my sleep, I came up with one possibility. Now I'll have to think it through during the daylight and see if it can survive the harsh light of day. It got refined quite a bit throughout the night, but it has a ways to go before a prototype gets made. The other projects that I've come up with are really fun, but use the wrong media .
It was a wonderful weekend. We had a really busy Saturday at the shop that kept all of us hopping and gave us good numbers for the day and the week - something that's become rare over the past year or so. I'm very grateful. I'm hoping that we've turned the corner, but even this little bit of busy was wonderful. And I get a studio day this week! Monday is starting to look wonderful :-)

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