Saturday, August 1, 2009

Saturday - Happy Day!

Saturdays are always a favorite day of mine. I get to look forward to sleeping in tomorrow morning. I get to work one hour less today. And I get Bascali's Italian food for dinner. Tonight we'll squeeze in mowing the lawn at the small house before dinner to get one errand out of the way. That means I'd better get my fusing glass and the restock paper products out of my trunk so that there is room for the lawn mower.

My mind is busy working out connections for a twirler that I want to make. OK - I know that's as clear as mud to all of you - heck, if I didn't know what I was visualizing I'd be scratching my head and wondering what in the world I was referring to also. But I'm trying to figure out the best way to contruct a multi-level, independently mobile, hollow-form pendant. And rather than saying all of those words, I'm just calling it a twirler for short. It's an interesting project that I probably won't have a lot of time to devote to, but I can do the concept drawings and figure out the constructions techniques with the help of books by Alan Revere (Professional Goldsmithing: A Contemporary Guide to Traditional Jewelry Techniques) and Charles Lewton-Brain (Hinges and Hinge-Based Catches for Jewelers and Goldsmiths). I'm always amazed at how much I rely on these two books to get my projects from paper to reality.

I'm also trying to figure out some metal clay projects. Most of the projects I currently have on my drawing board are fabricating projects, not metal clay. And they are projects that actually will work better in fabrication - faster and easier. I can't say that for all items, but these particular ones will be easier to work in sheet metal. But I need some metal clay projects on my burner also, so I keep running through mental projects, sifting the possibilities, and I know I'll come up with something before too long. After all - I have 500 grams of copper clay just waiting for me to open and play with it and enamel waiting to be applied.

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