Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thursday Thoughts

What colors do you think in? Do you see blue when you are sad or red when you're upset? And what about your dreams. Do you dream in color? Do you dream of people that you know? Or do you meet new souls in your nightly journeys and experience new places? I never put a lot of thought into dreams - except that I have fun ones - but I've realized over the years of hearing what my DH dreams about that our dreams differ from each other quite dramatically.
I dream in color - vivid and mood-making color. Buildings and structures play a large part of my dreams. People are usually merely adjust characters to the structures, although they are important for the storyline or plots. I often am driving - guess I love cars just as much in my dreams as in real life :-) My city dreams are often post-apocalyptic scenarios with a lot of ruined structures around. Large structures/houses in my dreams have interesting stairways and hallways and great open spaces. Exterior often feature large pools of water or the ocean. It is odd, for as much as I miss the mountains that I grew up with, they are rarely in my dreams. But the ocean, an entity that I've only seen a few times in my life, has been in them often.

I don't meet people that I know very often. Their dreams must carry them to a different dimension. When I do, it is usually quite humorous. Last night I dreamt of many places, but the last dream before I woke up featured my DH dressed in a white Elvis-style outfit (lots of sequins and beads with feathered angel wings at the back - go figure - LOL) waiting for me to finish something before we could leave for whatever place we were going. It was so humorous, seeing him leaning up against the door frame in that outfit, that I woke up 20 minutes early - LOL.

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