Monday, August 24, 2009

Sunburn and other Fun Things

OK, so for most people sunburn is not pleasant. I'm not saying that I find it pleasant either, but I am pleased that I had minimal sunburn from yesterday's first outing at Renaissance Fest. I "suffer" (since I don't find it painful, etc., suffering is a bit over-the-top) from a lack of pigmentation in my hands and lower arms, I try to keep sun to a minimum because it's really easy to burn. When I'm at a festival like Renaissance, I'm outdoors all day - very rare for me - and obviously in the sun. I happen to love the sun, but it doesn't love me quite as much. But I wore a lovely hat and managed to keep my sleeves over my arms for much of the day so I only burned at my neckline. That's OK. This coming weekend I'll wear a different type of shirt and give the sunburn an extra week to calm down before my Labor Day marathon weekend of Fair and Fest.
The summer is coming to an end. Here in Minnesota, the end of summer is always presaged by the beginning of the Renaissance Festival and the start of the great Minnesota get-together also known as the Minnesota State Fair. The Fair will start on Thursday and I'm really looking forward to it. Even though I have to pass the Fairgrounds twice each day and deal with the traffic issues, it is also the best people watching ever, and the smells of deep fried stuff....well, it is (temporary) gastronomic heaven. Also, my BFF Sharon comes over from Denver to spend the Labor Day weekend with us and attend the Fair for three days and Ren Fest for one. That ends our summer and we ride it out with a bang. So I have a lot to look forward to over the next two weeks.

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