Friday, August 21, 2009

Pass It Forward

Today is Friday, the end of the work week for many of you. On Fridays I usually treat myself to a cup of brewed coffee at my local Caribou Coffee. I look forward to it - one small piece of sunshine in my day. Considering that today is supposed to be cloudy and rainy - that small ray of sunshine might be all that I see today.

But what I would like to suggest for all of you is that you bring your inner sunshine to the outside and light up the lives of others today. Smile - a lot. Have a positive attitude. Use color in your work today; leave the graphite pencils and black markers in their carryall and use color. Buy a small toy for a child, throw a ball for a dog, give a pinch of catnip to a cat. (If I knew what would make a fish, hamster or snake happy, I'd probably suggest things for them too.) But, if you help to spread happiness and your own inner sunshine today, it will create light on this earth that will help illuminate the dark areas of the world. Those areas, which are very frightening, need to know that there are options. They need to know that life is joy, not a day-by-day plodding. They need to allow themselves to feel gratitude to life instead of hatred towards it. Please do your own small part to lighten the world today.

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