Thursday, August 20, 2009


What gives you a feeling of accomplishment? For some it could be as simple as receiving the smile of a child or wiping down a kitchen counter. For me it's crossing one more step off longer projects and that's what I managed to accomplish yesterday in between three tornado warnings.
The cape is stitched together, totally edge stitched (to give it some increased stability) and I cut, marked, and pinned the hem up last night while listening to Ghost Hunters (the TV was behind me). I need some seam binding before I actually sew the hem, and then I can start the embroidery. I'm very happy with how the cloak turned out and can't wait to get it hemmed so that I can start the fun part. I'm still finalizing the design, but now I'll have a corner to put my scrolls into - LOL. It does look like I'll have to be cautious with the cloak though, since the moths put a nice hole into parts that were cut away while it was on my mannekin in a back corner. I'm not happy about that, but at least they had the grace to chomp parts that were throw-out. I do plan on wearing this cape quite a bit, so it may be OK. And I'm still trying to decide if I want to put slits into the side for my arms or just flip it over my shoulders instead. I also have to make the bosses for the neckline. I may purchase some for this season, but I really would rather make my own from metal clay. One more project for my clay list :-) It'll be fun though!
What items can give you that wonderful feeling of accomplishment? doesn't have to be huge, or even be a completed project. Just a step along the way can be just as important. So, go out and accomplish something today. You'll feel better about the entire day:-)

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