Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sewing - The Act of Joining Two Items

Today I will be spending time sewing. My cloak has been calling stridently to me to get it finished and the emboidery is just waiting to be started. I haven't had a studio day that I could use for a creative activity for the past few weeks while I was housecleaning, so it's a joy to have my day back! It occurs to me, as I contemplate sewing, that there is a lot built into that term. Sewing. What is it truly?
It is possible to sew in the traditional sense - that of joining two panels of cloth together by utilizing thread and needle to join them. But it is also possible to sew ideas together by mentally working through ramifications and methodologies. It is also possible to sew people together by mediating meetings, directing actions, and facilitating the exchange of ideas in a non-threatening manner. So, today when you are working together with others to accomplish a goal; whether it be interacting with a bank teller, giving a food order to a clerk at your local fast food restaurant, or purchasing pens from the office supply store, remember that your actions are a joining of two people through sewing together their lives in a temporary fashion. That joining is very fast and temporary, but if it is a positive experience those threads can color the entire day and subsequent interactions with others. Make sure that the threads you use to join yourself to others today are both colorful and positive, and that they are carried by the needles of your smile and kind words. You will make a difference today.

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