Monday, August 10, 2009

Housecleaning Sucks!

Well, that heading really says it all. Sunday was a day of cleaning. I'm not really sure what DH did (except complain about how he was unable to clean his stuff out of the den because there was no room), but I scrubbed the downstairs bathroom to within an inch of its' life. At least it was good exercise for my broken arm (which is getting better every day). I got the shower absolutely beautiful and some of the floor washed, but I still need to scrub the toilet and wash the rest of the floor. I ran out of energy :-)
I'm still thinking about things that would equate with cultural symbology. I've taken to mentioning the topic to many people and seeing if there is anything that they mention that I haven't already thought about. But it's becoming clear that I will have to choose my items based on my own personal symbology and that, often, is so far outside the mainstream that it doesn't get recognized as legitimate. Oh well, I don't expect a culture based on the current dieties to understand my personal beliefs but I can't turn my back on my beliefs either. This should be an interesting exercise. Unfortunately I have several repairs on my bench that have to be made before I can begin on any new projects.

Today starts a new week. Try to life in a full and creative manner with the wide eyed wonder of a five-year-old witnessing her first rainbow :-)

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