Saturday, August 8, 2009


Blogspot was cranky yesterday and I was completely unable to post. Since this was the first time (aside from times when I was attending conferences) that I didn't regularly post on a weekday, I was distressed. I know (and am very flattered) that some people actually read this little blog regularly and I felt as if I had let everyone down :-( With luck (and the blessings of the Gods/Goddesses of Electronics) that will not happen again for a long time.
I have been thinking about the variations of items that could meet the theme for the PMC 2010 Conference Exhibition. The theme, as stated, is: Cultural Messages - Symbolism Through the Ages. This has interesting angles. Since I want to attempt to make several possible entries to this exhibition, the determination of whether I want to go secular or sacred, contemporary or ancient, and the choice of media have my head whirling with possibilities. I hope I will have the time to get choices from my head to the paper to the clay within a reasonable time, since the Holiday season is coming quickly and my time gets constricted even farther when November hits. But, I'll come up with something and hopefully will have the time to actually make it. The question becomes - will I be caught up in the research so much that I will never move to the next step? Research can be wonderful...... - LOLOL.

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