Saturday, August 15, 2009

Housecleaning ReDeaux

Looking in from the doorway. The bench on the right is what we want to rip out.

I took Friday off from work and continued my housecleaning. The goal was to get the Den back. It's been full of stuff since the last flood that we had in the craft room. The goal was to get our room back because even with the horrible drapes and the orange carpeting, it is still a favorite room of ours. We want to rip out one of the built-in benches and get a sectional with recliners for the area. After we add a new flat-panel TV and wire my ethernet out so that I can work on one of my computers from that room, all will be perfect. (The cleaning supplies and vacuum will be put away later tonight and the room will look great!)

Looking Towards the Sewing Closets. My cape is on the mannequin in the corner.
I started work at 11am with six boxes still to go through. After more than 50 trips up and/or down stairs, the boxes were finally empty, they were flattened out and put onto the back porch for either recycling or re-use, and I was hitting the glass cleaner and towels. The next 4+ hours were spent cleaning every possible surface, scrubbing and folding up the treadmill (we'll put it back into its' usual position on Monday but we need the space for entertaining on Sunday), and vacuuming. I have a few things that I need to mail to a couple of places, and I still have a bit more cleaning to do, but here's the result. To those of my friends who have seen this room over the past few years - it's pretty amazing, isn't it? LOL (I never claimed to be a great housekeeper, but I can perform under pressure and deadlines.)

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