Friday, July 10, 2009

Wrapping Things Up

I'm starting to move my mind-set into vacation mode. I still can't believe that I leave on Monday. It's a good thing that I still have Sunday for packing though because although I packed clothes for the trip, I still haven't packed any of the tools and supplies that I need for my pre-conference classes. But my charms are finished, I am making sure that I have at least one sketchbook and pencils/markers, and I will have tools. So what could be bad. Actually, the only bum thing about the entire trip is that I'm really broke so any purchasing must be minimal. That's much harder to do than to say since I'll be seeing some of my favorite vendors and friends while I'm there. But I'll manage, and I'm really looking forward to seeing Shruti again.
Shruti and I met last year at the Purdue PMC Conference. We got along very well, so when she posted asking for a roommate for the MCW Conference, I volunteered to share with her. She comes from Dehli, India, so it is refreshing to get a viewpoint that is not US-centric. Additionally, she also does enamel work so we have another point of artwork in common. I can only envision positive things from this trip and getting together with her again. And even though my broken arm is still waking me up with jags of pain, it's just one of the problems that come with healing and I am getting better every day.

Here is my July snowstorm photo. The cottonwood trees in my neighborhood have been shedding massively and it looks like a fall snowfall from a distance. I thought I would share the joy of "snow" that won't melt and that is "fluffy". The little sparkles of the cottonwood seeds almost look like fairies. Can't you just see the fluff as a massive fairy cotillion?

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