Saturday, July 11, 2009

Packing, Packing...

I leave on Monday for Metal Clay World (I will probably not be posting as often while I am there). I have my clothes packed. I don't have any of the supplies and/or tools for my workshops packed. I guess I'd better get going on this on Sunday so that I'm ready to leave early Monday. My DH is actually happy about the fact that this is a week's trip, not longer. The fact that I leave on Monday and return on Sunday made him quite happy. Then, next week, my co-worker, VerLaine, leaves for her family reunion in Montana, so I'll have to work a few extra days. It's OK, everyone is entitled to some vacation and originally we thought her reunion dates conflicted with my MCWC dates. The fact that they actually didn't was something that really brought a smile to our faces.

I can't wait to spend a week surrounded by creative people and talking about art. OK, I fully admit that not every conversation is creatively oriented - there are such things such as "what are you going to eat for breakfast" and "I'll be back - I need to call home", but any time I can immerse myself in a group of creative people I come back with project after project that I want to create. But I've been asked to be a focus artist in the fall so I need to concentrate on more of a body of work and get my personal web site up and operational. Just a few more things to do in my schedule , but the kick in the behind that I really needed to get these things on track again. Sometimes you just need an outside push to get back on track, so thanks, Gina :-)

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