Thursday, July 23, 2009

Work - Seemingly Forever

So, Chickie left for her vacation last night, and I am facing a seemingly interminable length of time that I have to be at work every day . I got a lot done yesterday, but no studio time. I did a long list of errands, the last one of which was to pick up my now-fixed computer from my computer doctor. Oh happy day! It seems to be a very content computer, and is running much quieter (even though he thinks it is rather loud). He replaced my two graphics cards that were linked with a single card that is 3x as fast, took away the linkage bridge and changed the switch on the motherboard that tells the system how many cards it is supposed to be working with. All I know is that I have a computer again and I have all of my programs on a single machine.
I did three loads of laundry so all of my conference clothes are clean again! And I spent more than two hours photographing the large variety of charms that I received from the charm swap that we held. I didn't bother setting up my full photo setup, so these are not going to be the absolute best photos I can do, but they aren't bad. I got so many beautiful charms. I put a few of them up here for people to look at until I get my website operational and can put all of them up there. Thank you to everyone who swapped charms with me!
Tonya - You should be arriving home today, so I expect a post in your blog TOMORROW MORNING (that's Friday to you - LOL).

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Diane Parson said...

Oh you are so sweet to post my charm - what a surprise! I am wearing yours right now!!!! I have been thinking of you a lot, can't wait to get together again!