Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Busy, Busy....

Today is a busy day, going all over the cities and trying to fit some studio time into the day also. I start out in the Northeast at my Chiropractor's. Then to the shop to get things turned on and do a quick mail order. Grabbing some repairs that require a laser welder, I'm off to the Midway area to see my bone doctor. Getting him finished by 9:15 or so, I'm off to Southwestern Minneapolis to drop off the jewelry repair at my friend's. After that, I'm off to the far Northern suburbs to pick up my computer. I need a few things at the office supply store and need to photograph some things for an article proposal that I want to get going. I have to punch a lot into today because I won't get a day off next week. After today I will have a long stretch of eleven days of work before my next studio day comes around. I think I'll try and refine some sketches and detail three pieces of jewelry that I want to make while I'm working these extended days. It's only one studio day that I'm actually missing and have to work through, but that mid-week island of sanity in my insane retail environment is so important to my mental stability.
I spent way too much money at MCWC. I'm basically going to be broke for the remainder of the year, and I'll probably have to carry a balance on my credit card for a couple of months . But I still think it was worth every penny. I learned so much, made so many friends, and exercised my creative side almost exclusively for a week. Now I have to start saving again for a new kiln and more workshops next year. The cash jar is still going to be used - life isn't getting any cheaper, just more complicated.

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