Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Schedules Filling Quickly

Why do I ever think that I have time? If I didn't carry sketchbooks with me everywhere, I would never have the opportunity to design anything at all. But even with that, most of my designing takes place in my head, not on paper, because designing time is premium time.

While at MCWC, I had a one-day class with Alan Revere on Designing. I have to admit that I loved this class. But I loved it for and on several levels. Primarily was the opportunity to allow my creative side to overcome my practical side and be the major mover for the entire day. To hold a pen in my hand and draw for an entire day - this was absolute heaven and something that I haven't been able to do since I was a small child. To have some direction from a master that fine-tuned the designs, directed the attention, and suggested improvements and focuses - past priceless. Absolutely past priceless. And I ended up with four designs that I want to make in real life, one of which I purchased gemstones for while I was attending the conference.
But my "studio" day is Wednesday. And what do I have going on? I have two doctor appointments, I have to drop off some jewelry for repair by my friend who has a laser welder, I need to pick up my computer (fixed now - yippee!!!) from the far north suburbs, I need to get the computer back into it's little space and hook everything up, I need to hit the office supply store, and my list of other errands is growing exponentially. I really want to open some clay and get my next projects going so that I can enamel in two weeks (I have to work all next week while my Assistant Manager takes vacation). I'll be lucky to have one hour free to be able to do this. Time to grab the sketchbook again, clay may have to wait :-(

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