Monday, July 20, 2009

Back Home Again

I returned home yesterday in the early afternoon, exhausted. I did unpack and went out for drinks and some show-and-tell with DH later in the day, then came home and fell asleep around 7:30 pm. My main computer is still with the computer doctor, so I feel as if my right arm has been cut off. I can't save photographs, can't download the many MCWC photos in my camera, and can't do a lot of updating without my main system. Apparently my computer had a graphics card fry. My computer doctor ordered a new card (actually, two cards since my system runs two cards in tandem). I just have a feeling that I'll be really hurting for the money to pay for all of this when I consider all that I purchased at MCWC.

But what about Metal Clay World? I had an absolutely FABULOUS time meeting and interacting with many creative and artistic people. The venue was incredible, the food was amazing, and I got hugs from so many people (including Alan Revere) that I will be on a high for weeks. I can't wait to get some clay opened and get some work done.

So....according to agreement....Tonya - start posting on your blog. Start today! It's never too early to get a good habit going :-)

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