Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Yesterday was a real plus/minus day. I started the day out working on a project that I hoped to send in for possible publication in an upcoming book. There were two projects that I was working on, but one is complete and I'm happy with. This was the second one. Although it went together fairly well, I didn't like the end result. Something was lacking. I can't figure out exactly what was lacking or what I need to do to put it over the top, so I'll probably end up scrapping this for now and only sending a single project. I really needed the money from the second item (provided it would have been accepted) though, so I might send it anyway...or then again not. I really don't like the 2nd one enough to release it into the public yet.

My DH and I went out to dinner and then to see Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince last night. I enjoyed the movie, although the "Goblet of Fire" is still my favorite. They cut a lot out of the book though. I certainly see why they would issue Deathly Hallows in two separate movies - there is just so much that goes on in that book.
And a very dear friend, the Best Man at my wedding almost 30 years ago, has been fighting a valiant battle against melanoma. He was sent home to die with friends and family around him on Monday and he passed yesterday afternoon. Although I look at death as a transition to the next phase, it is still distressing for those left behind. I'll miss him and look forward to our being able to play among the stars together in later years.
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