Thursday, July 30, 2009

Miracles Needed

I have a project ready to send out. But I'm supposed to also send photographs of it and one of my lights for camera shots just burned out. So I'm stuck pulling in a substitute and that will change my white balance and total composition. Growl. I had hoped to mail this out express mail today. I think I'll phone the book company and find out if the photo is essential since I'm sending the actual project and if it is not, I'll get the whole thing in the mail super fast.

I've decided that I really need to get a micro-stamp of my logo. I had no way to mark the piece that I just finished and that's disturbing. But I'm very poor right now and don't see that changing for the next few months. So I'm not really sure how I can order this. But I need to, so I'll have to buckle down and save everywhere that I can to accumulate the money to get this ordered. I know that I can order one for metal clay from Babette, but I need one for my metals work also. Well, one more thing to get done :-)

And what do you do when you create something that just doesn't work? My mockup of a piece really worked well. But when I made the piece in real life - it just sucked. It was ugly. The flow - didn't. The colors - didn't. The concept - didn't. I'll end up saving whatever components can be reasonably reused, retire the concept and rework it, and I'll try again, later, with a different twist and make lemonade from these lemons. But I consider this project - as it was originally designed - completely dead. Ick!

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