Saturday, July 25, 2009

Carnival Blog

I am not a member of the Carnival Blog. But when they have a topic of interest, I do examine the topic for myself. This month the topic is deadlines. That's a topic near and dear to my heart because I live with deadlines all the time. Tonya writes lists. Angela writes post-it notes. I do have a calendar for the major things (vacation times, etc), but usually deadlines are looming high enough in my future for me not to forget them. For instance:
I have cat detail tonight, followed by dinner, Target, and the "Le Tour" wrapup

I have a project proposal due next Friday

If the project proposal is accepted, I get to make the item within 2 weeks of acceptance

On Wednesday I need to photograph some items for a magazine article proposal

Ren Fest starts next month and I need to finish the embroidery on my cloak

I have a Chiro appt first Monday of August

I have to work six days next week

I have two chapters of my beta read promised for early next week

I need to find the 100 #55 drill bits that I purchased for my own use and now can't find

I have to get some house cleaning done within the next month before my friend Sharon arrives...

Are these all important? To me they all certainly are. I have to prioritize, but ideally I would be concentrating on the artistic proposals and prototypes, letting the work and housecleaning drop by the wayside, and keeping up with Ren Fest and my Chiropractor. But life isn't ideal, so all of these will have to be dealt with by mid-August. I guess I'd have to say I'm deadline driven, but I don't consider that a negative thing, only the push that I need to get something completed.

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