Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Studio and Doctor - Wednesday Blues

Studio day - a day I look forward to all week. I only have three weeks to design, make and enamel my charms for the Metal Clay World conference, so I'll be focusing on that today. But I start my day out with a doctor appointment to see how badly I messed up my arm when I broke it on the 6th. I slept last night without pain pills, even though I did wake up in pain at 2:30 am. I was able to turn around and go back to sleep until my alarm went off an hour later. And my range of motion has improved. But I can't straighten my arm completely and that worries me. And there are still some angles, etc, that cause me "through the roof" pain. It will be interesting to hear what the doctor thinks about my injury and my recovery.

Back to my charms - I'll look at Archivers for a particular stamp, but if they don't have one, I'll have to work with clip art and try and make a PPP for the image. I want to make the charms from the new copper clay - a media that I haven't worked with at all up to now. And I want to enamel over the copper, add a CZ and some gold foil, and basically make them fairly elaborate. In three weeks. Yes ... I know ... I'm an idiot. But my DH gave me an "extra day off" certificate for a holiday gift and I may just need to play that card next week or the week after. I suspect that next week will be the crux week, so that may be when I need my extra day off. I'll see how things go today.
Oh, and I need to get the cable guy back this afternoon to re-hook up one TV that I missed last week. I guess I should get that scheduled?.....

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